Katelyn Bouyssou is one of the most dominating judo players in the United States today, as fierce on the mat as she is nice off the mat. She was Youth Olympic Champion in 2010 in Singapore U52kg.

She is triple US champion +U48kg in 2009, 2010 and 2015 and highly successful as junior. But this is just a sample of her accomplishments which are long.

In 2015 Katelyn won Gold bronze Ocean Open and Bronze at the Pan American Open’s in Montevideo and San Salvador. ┬áThis year she has already taken bronze at the Belgium Women’s International.

Not only is Katelyn a successful judo player she is also an accomplished wrestler and the first female to win the Rhode Island State Wrestling Championships.

Number of International Medals

Number of Total Wins

Number of National Championships

  • Percentage of Wins in 2014 72.4%
  • Percentage of Wins in 2013 76.2%
  • Percentage of Wins in 2012 76.5%

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Fredericksburg, Virginia

Mayo Quanchi, R.I.

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